Loro Piana: Sports fabric

The Perfect fabric for the less than perfect British weather

Thursday 11 August, 2016

Let’s talk about fabric… but not just any fabric… one that combines, quality, performance and technology. When we talk about bunches there are few that really understand the British weather more than this one. Using only the finest wools Loro Piana has protected the fibres by utilising a technology that neither compromises on texture or appearance. This is the perfect bunch for suiting and coatings and testament to ‘you get what you pay for.’

Loro Piana - Sports Fabrics

Zelander High Tenacity – Rain & Storm System

This fabric originates from the uncontaminated New Zealand pastures. The wool distinguished by its bright white colour, resistance and length. Loro Piana have tightly woven this yarn to ensure the highest possible number per square centimetre in both weft and warp. It is the ideal fabric for travel wear  and occasions requiring practicality and versatility.

Rain System

Loro Piana have created a technology that forms an invisible barrier around each fibre, protecting the fabric from rain, dust and dirt enabling easy removal and preservation of look and structure.

Storm System

This highly durable fabric offers protection against the elements. It comprises of a double barrier with a hydrophilic and macromolecular membrane making it ideal overcoat material.

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