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Off the Peg V Made to Measure V Bespoke

Thursday 4 August, 2016

Off the Peg V Made to Measure V Bespoke

So you need a new suit. Are you going to pop down to Next, M&S, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, William Young or Hunstman?  For some the decision is made purely on price and the High Street off the peg ‘will do.’ But, what if you want more than ‘will do’, what if you want a suit that fits, you want a suit in a quality fabric, and you want those details that makes it your suit and not the same as everyone else’s.  Many think by upping the price for off the peg you get better quality and in the main that is true BUT it is still ‘off the peg.’ You may have paid £700 for a quality brand name BUT it is still a generic 38 inch chest with the fit as standard, the lining as standard and the alterations as extra! So this £700 suit is now £750 and it is still to all intense and purposes, standard.  Yes you have a famous brand name but does it fit perfectly, is it exactly what you wanted?  Those in the know think ‘I could get a decent made to measure suit for the same price AND I can choose the fabric, the lining, the detailing AND it will be made to fit just ME.’ When you look at it like that it makes perfect sense, especially if you have a non-standard shape (and lets face it that’s is the majority of the population) and / or you want individuality.  The final option is full on bespoke... but what is the different between made to measure and bespoke? Well first is the price tag…At least £2,500 but the increased price doesn’t necessarily make it fit or look any better. With both made to measure and bespoke your measurements are taken, your fabric is chosen and your suit is created.  The end result is something individual to you, made to fit only you, BUT with made to measure there is a ‘block’ that is used to create the suit instead of individual patterns.  The end result, however, is for the majority of clients undetectable.  Is it ‘made to measure’ or ‘bespoke’, no-one would ever tell the difference. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely a place for traditional Saville Rowesque bespoke.  Particularly those with a more difficult frame, however, for the majority of tall, short, large and slim men made to measure creates a ‘bespoke’ suit at a fraction of the cost and time.

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