Pocket squares

Why wear a pocket square?

Thursday 12 May, 2016

Why wear a pocket square

I once read about the humble pocket square that it is merely a functionally useless piece of cloth in a functionally useless pocket … but who needs functionality when you have style?

King Richard III is credited as being the originator carrying around a quality piece of fabric to wipe or  shield ones nose from less fragrant smells. From dapper dandies to serious business impresarios the pocket square is so much more than just, well, a pocket square.  It adds style, expression and flamboyancy, conveying quality and elegance to a tailored jacket that no other accessory is able.  Its interchangeability and overall likeability makes the pocket square a true gem.  The different  fabrics, the different colours and the different folds create elegance and sophistication just where it is needed.Functionally useless,  perhaps,  but it pulls together a look in a way that no tie or cufflink ever could.

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