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Tennis Tailoring: What to wear at Wimbledon

Thursday 16 June, 2016

What to wear at Wimbledon. Looking back at the style icons of today and yesteryear both on and off the court

When we think of Wimbledon images of strawberries, cream, pimms and crisp whites come to mind, but don’t be fooled, this tournament is about so much more than that. Wimbledon has produced some iconic looks over the years both on and off the court. On court has been a veritable feast fuelled by creativity to circumvent the strict restrictions imposed by the very British, All England Club in SW1. Wimbledon began in an era where Victorian style was somewhat more conservative than what we witness today but what it showcases over the 2 weeks provides inspiration for summer tailoring.

On court ladies have Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova pushing the boundaries of the strict rules, with white feathers, coats and tuxedos but off court it is a very colourful and stylish affair with The Duchess of York, Pippa Middleton and Kim Murray leading the way in summer fashions. If, however, we are being really truthful it is the men’s game that deserves the attention with absolute sporting legends of Rene Lacoste – the inventor of the polo shirt (and not bed at tennis), and British sporting legend of Fred Perry, (his style and name living on through his clothing label in the same way as Lacoste) that are synonymous with the game. 

But it is the spectators that often demand as much attention as the game. What other sporting event do you see the crowd so immaculately dressed, wearing tailoring rather than T-shirts.  It’s the who’s who of looking good in a tailored jacket. This is where summer weight fabrics really come out to play with the big boys. David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Grant, Thierry Henry and even Bear Grylls get suited for centre court. Last year we saw Mr Cooper in a classic white 3 piece, Mr Grylls in a vintage blue double breasted with wide lapel and Mr Middleton in soft grey with pale blue shirt.  Lapel width varied, buttoning varied, colour varied but what was constant was that each gentlemen wore a well fitting suit which complemented their personality and the event perfectly. Without doubt these gentlemen had tailoring made for them, knowing that their style would resonate round the national and global press. The confidence created by a suit made for you in the colour, fabric and styling you choose shows and is priceless.

What we can be sure of, is that like the years that have gone before, 2016 Wimbledon centre court will not disappoint!

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