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Ladies tailoring: Be bright, be bold, be beautiful

Thursday 21 April, 2016

So today is a very important day…Her Majesty the Queen turns 90 … Happy birthday Ma’am.  A pretty mean feat and especially welcome with all the untimely passings  recently. Whether you love or loathe the Monarchy one thing is for certain, the old gal dresses well for age in an array of bright colours fitting for the situation.  There is no doubt that her tailoring is bespoke as it fits her shape and personality perfectly but it makes you think that if a 90 year old can take the effort  to think beyond grey and navy for everyday and important occasions perhaps the rest of us should!

Pastel colours are key this summer as are the oranges and brighter blues. Suits are not always required but by getting yourself a delightful bright jacket with a contrast lining is the best way to brighten up any day.  Light weight wool, cotton, mohar and linen are perfect for those summer months as well as proving ideal for the in between months and less than sunny summer days! It is proven that colour lifts moods, brightens days and makes you happy.  We were born as individuals, yet we often wear clothes that make us blend in.  Be bright, be bold and be beautiful!

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