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Bunch of the Month: August - Tweed, Cord and Moleskin

Thursday 28 July, 2016

Bunch of the Month - August

It is no longer bonkers to be planning for your autumn wardrobe even with this unexpected but very welcome sunny weather. Made to measure is not a quick fix and so NOW is a perfect time to get those separates sorted.  A tweed, cord or moleskin jacket can be dressed up or down but always looks smart and sophisticated.  And who can resist a pair of cord or moleskin trousers for the cooler months. The old teacher’s adage...'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' … ensure you are top of the class even before term starts with these classic fabrics.

25% off amazing brands that really are prefect material! A Pendle Tweed jacket for an amazing £640 teamed with a John G Hardy moleskin trousers for just £300 and why not add a fabulous and a John G Hardy cord jacket for a staggering £500.  

All made to measure, all with your detailing, all in the colours and styling you

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